Hundred of Minecraft skins are available in different sites. On popular sites like or, these skins are available and can be download free of cost. Some skins are at trending and more like than others. So here I will show you some of the skins that have more likes from players. Also, some Minecraft skins are cool Minecraft skins because of there look and design.

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Cool Minecraft Skins

9. Derp Hot Dog

cool minecraft skins

Derp hot dog has uploaded on about five months ago. This skin is not very popular according to statistics of It has only about 500 views, 1 download and only 1 like. But I think it is very nice and good looking skin for Minecraft. As you see its front look is like a dog. Long design from head to foot. On the backside, it seems like there are angel wings which look great. So this is derp hot dog skin for Minecraft which look like one of from cool Minecraft skins.

8. Redspy

cool minecraft skins

Redspy is available on It is published by Team Fortress 2 about four years ago. On this website, this skin has three diamonds, one (1) favorite, one thousand and eighty-seven (1087) views, and One hundred and fifty-six (156) download. This is pretty good and the skin seems to be popular, and also this is good looking skin, wearing a very formal dress with a head cover scarf or whatever it is. So this is Redspy skin, you can download it from this URL—team-fortress-2-3184400/. If you like it give it a thumb up or a diamond.

7. Blitzcrank

cool minecraft skins

This skin is about two (2) years old, mean posted about two years ago on Eleven (11) people like this skin and two thousand four hundred and ninety-one (2491) page views. I think this skin is inspired by a game which is Blitzcrank. A robotic game in which robots fight against different other robots. So the skin maker tries to make this skin look like a robot, its eyes, front design, and backside. So whatever this is a Blitzcrank skin for Minecraft from one of cool Minecraft skins.

6. Noob Steve

cool minecraft skins

Noob Steve guy comes in the field about a week ago and has one thousand seventy-nine (1079) views. This guy is about six (6) times download because this is a new guy. Noob Steve’s design as you see is a guy which is drinking something and not clean his mouth, as I think. It is modified from default Steve skin. So that is Noob Steve skin, download it from and give it thumb up.

5. Flagman

cool minecraft skins

As the name shows and also in the picture flagman presents different flags on his body. Flagman on is not very popular. It has only one download and about one hundred and thirty-three (133) downloads. This Flagman is created and posted on this site about two years ago. But this is not very popular maybe it has specific flags on his body, but it can be customized and you can place your own country flag on his body and use it in your game. So this is a good skin from cool Minecraft skins.

4. Minecraftchick

cool minecraft skins

Really Minecraftchick, It seems like a fat and healthy girl or guy. I think it looked like a girl. And also a cool Minecraft skin for the girl. It’s hairstyle and pink dress a logo of a chick on his back, it seems that is designed by a girl or for a girl. On it is one nighty seven (197) views and one (1) wardrobe. It seems that it is not very popular skin but I think this is very good looking and it is liked by girls.

3. Wave Monster

cool minecraft skins

Wave Monster is monster looking skin and pretty popular skin. It’s about four thousand five hundred and ninety-one (4,591) views at that time and one thousand one hundred and seventy (1170) download which is a very high amount compared to other. But this stat is on is very good looking and look like a robot with a red light emitting from his eyes. And a wave on his body like a lifeline. So this is  Wave Monster skin pretty good and nice design.

2. Cool Cactus

cool minecraft skins

As you know about cactus which is a succulent plant with a thick, fleshy stem that typically bears spines, lacks leaves, and has brilliantly colored flowers. Cacti are native to arid regions of the New World and are cultivated elsewhere, especially as houseplants. And this skin also looks like a leaf of this plant. But I think the face is made to look like a smiling face. Sunglasses on his eyes and shorts and a fancy shirt. Colors of this skin are matching with flowers of this plant. This skin is designed by kefka on This skin is posted on Minecraftskins about one year ago. On Minecraft skins, it has about five hundred and sixty-seven views. So this is Cool Cactus skin and I think you like it.

1. Jinx

cool minecraft skins

According to the dictionary jinx a person or thing that brings bad luck. But I think this skin is not looking like this. this is pretty good and nice design skin, long hair on his front and look like snow. It doesn’t mean that if you choose this skin you lose or you luck is bad. Its all upon you how you behave and work for your mission. On planet Minecraft site this skin has about eight hundred and eight views, twenty-nine downloads. But I think this is very good looking and one of cool skin from cool Minecraft skins. So this is Jinx skin and I think this is another skin for girls.

I hope, I provide the best information, if you find any mistake please notify me in the comment I will try my best to improve it. Please share this with others if you find this information useful. Also tell me which one skin like you and if you like some other skin that is not mentioned here, mention in the comment.