Minecraft is a popular and creative game, this game is all about building your imaginary world with the block. In this article, I will show you how to download Minecraft on your device either desktop or mobile devices. I also show you how to play Minecraft for free for a demo or for testing. If you really like this game you need to buy this game.

download minecraft

Minecraft screenshot

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How to Download Minecraft.

For Desktop Computers.

Step 1.

  • Go to the Minecraft official site. Click here to go on site.

Step 2.

  • If you have already registered then log in, if not give your information and register yourself.

Step 3.

  • After registering your self, you have to verify your email. So verify your email.

Step 4.

  • After registration purchase Minecraft.

Step 5.

  • If you are a windows user then download for windows or if you are a Mac user then download for Mac OS. After downloading the setup file, double check your file, for windows pc it is a .exe file, for Mac, it is a Dmg and start the installation process.

Step 6

  • To install Minecraft on your desktop, it is a very easy procedure. Start the installation process by clicking on the setup file. Just fellow screenshot and process step and game will be installed.

That’s it. Install Minecraft on your desktop and enjoy.

On Android Smart Phone

If you want to install Minecraft on the android phone, just follow these steps and install Minecraft.

Step 1.

  • Go to the play store from your android phone.

Step 2.

  • Search for Minecraft in the search bar and you will see a result list. Tap on Minecraft.

Step 3.

  • Setup your payment method and buy Minecraft. When payment successful and you buy Minecraft. Downloading start automatically.

Step 4.

  • After download, it will install and you can play Minecraft.

For iOS Smart Phone

Step 1.

  • Open your phone app store with the label of ‘App Store’.

Step 2.

  • Tap on the search bar and type “Minecraft”. Search result appears in a list.

Step 3.

  • You can find Minecraft in the search result, click on it and buy it.

Step 4.

  • When you buy Minecraft you need to enter your apple id password.

After that, your application starts downloading and after downloading, it will install.

Play Minecraft for Free

All these methods, mention above are paid and you need to buy Minecraft application setup to install on your device. If you want to play Minecraft for free try these methods and tell us which method you like and easy for you in the comment.

Play Demo Version

Minecraft officially gives you demo version of this game so you can easily download it and play it from their official site, but even for the demo version, you need to register on Minecraft store.

Play Minecraft Classic in the browser

Another method is to play Minecraft classic version on your web browser for free. Go to the Minecraft site and play a classic version.

Note you need Java enabled in your browser to play Minecraft Classic.



Download Minecraft: You’ll have to possess Minecraft: Java Edition to play the full form. On the off chance that you haven’t gotten it as of now go here and get it fast!

For download Minecraft java edition please click the button below:


If this link does not work then don’t worry we provide an alternative link to download.

Alternative DOWNLOAD

Install and run the Minecraft:

For download Minecraft, you will need to first install the Miecraft.msi the game installer which provides us to run the game on our local pc. After installing the Minecraft.msi just follow the instructions to install the game.


At the first time you will launch the game there is a stable connection of the internet but after one time launching the game next time no internet is needed to play the game.

Play Minecraft With Your Friends:

On the off chance that you need to play with your companions on a private server, you can do as such in two different ways. It is possible that you can get Minecraft Realms, which are servers kept running by us for you and your companions. Or then again, on the off chance that you are more tech-slanted, you can take a stab at designing your own server with our devoted server programming!!

Minecraft java Edition Server Software Download:

Set up your own Minecraft java edition set up a server at your home. For set up the server please click the button below.


Download Minecraft Server Software:

set up your own server at home for play the Minecraft and enjoy the game with your friends.


Domains are servers, kept running by us, only for you and your companions. Keep your Minecraft world on the web and constantly open, notwithstanding when you log-off. It’s protected, as well! Just individuals you welcome can join your reality, and what you do there is dependent upon you: make, survive or content.

Alternative Download Options For Minecraft Server:

If you want the standard download of Minecraft server then you may want to choose someone from the given which is:

For windows: Minecraft.msi  (just double click  and install)

For mac: Minecraft.dmg     (just drag and drop the installer)

For Ubuntu: Minecraft.deb  (just install on one click)

For Linux: Minecraft.launcher  (install Minecraft launcher and install the Minecraft)

For other Linux: Minecraft.tar.gz  ( required Java 8 to install the Minecraft)


You can download all of these just on single click :