Minecraft Bedrock Edition Free Download: Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going to adventure. This bedrock is also a part of Minecraft. Minecraft bedrock edition is also known as the (bedrock version, bedrock engine, or just sometimes known as bedrock simple). As in the pocket edition players connect with each other, Bedrock also provides this facility to the user. In pocket edition when the engine was created the whole family refers the pocket edition or “MCPE”.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Free Download

All the version of the bedrock uses the Minecraft title with no subtitle. To get better updates of the bedrock, they have different subtitles on each platform. like as (window 10, Xbox). This bedrock version is identical, And it’s price varies from a different kind of this version. It’s most costly for window 10.

The main objective of the game is the same in the Java edition. You can create your own family virtually in your sandbox. And play the game,e with your family and also your community. It provides the facility to play the game with another family. Bedrock edition has the survival mods to play the game. The multiplayer mode has the facility of cross-platform compatible between all touch-screen devices. or on personal computers.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Free Download

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Free Download: the Main feature of the game is same of both java edition and bedrock edition. But there are some differences in both versions like (graphics, official ads of the system, and some other ). When game developing team start the process of developing bedrock edition. The team selects the java edition to compatible with bedrock edition.

Major Difference from Java Edition in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


Different mods available in Minecraft bedrock edition that is not available for Java edition. Like you can add packs like behavior pack that will allow you to add the different object like weapons to use.

minecraft bedrock edition packs

These packs, to install these packs is so simple and easy everyone can do it. Only you have to download these packs with mcpack extension and place them in the data pack area.


But to install these packs you need like a twitch luncher, which add all your available packs and you can install them easily. If you don’t like any of them which available, you can create your own.


In the Minecraft bedrock edition, we have a store which basically a Minecraft Market place. It has in-app purchases, you can buy coins, you can buy maps, Minecraft Packs, skins, and a lot of other things.

minecraft bedrock edition store

From this store, you can also buy mashups that are the mixture of skins, maps and other objects like this.


You know Java edition have some performance issues. Like if you fly on the sky and move forward it takes time to load like in the screenshot.

Minecraft bedrock edition performance

And it also uses about 1 GB of rams but even with that, it takes time to load.

But Minecraft Bedrock edition is designed to run on mobile devices also so its performance is much better than Java edition. One other difference is that you can increase your render distance from setting up to 80 chunks, that is incredible. But in Java edition, it is only 32 chunks.

But the con of Bedrock edition is that the entities do not have many details or not clearly 3D. In Java edition entities are 3D and have many details.


In Bedrock Edition, after android and ios, we can access a server for multiplayer free in windows10. In Bedrock, edition players are not a very huge number. A very limited number of players.

But in Java Edition you have much opportunity to play with other players whose number is much greater than Bedrock Edition.

Controller Support

In Bedrock edition you have support for a console controller, and it is very easy to switch between mouse keyboard controller to console controller and you can do each and everything that you can do with mouse and keyboard.

But in Java edition it is totally untrue, the console controller does nothing with java edition. There is some software that you can install to make work better in Java edition, but this is not available form the first party in Java Edition. So this is very unlucky for Java edition Players.

Game Play

This not about mods or setting, but this is the behavior in the game. Like in Java edition red stone behavior is different from Bedrock Edition. In the Java version, you have two pistons and in bedrock edition, you only have one piston, so the behavior of red stone is different in both version of games.

And In Java edition, if you press f3 button, you can see a list of exhausted details and in this detail, you can find coordinates of your player, but in Bedrock edition the f3 function has not existed and you can’t find any coordinates for the player. Coordinates play an important role in the game, only a way to find coordinates in Bedrock edition you need to type in teller and your coordinates will give you in the chatbox.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Free Download