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Skins in Minecraft is a way to change your player look and feel that you like. Skins are only a simple PNG file that uploaded to Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk and change the player skin. This process of downloading and changing of Minecraft pe skin is very simple and easy.

If you want to know the top Minecraft skins or funny Minecraft skins you can check our article on that topic.

In this article, I will show you how to download Minecraft pe skin and upload it into your game and change your player skin. And also something about Minecraft pe skin.

How to Download Minecraft PE Skin

First of all, go to your browser and open the Google Search Engine.

minecraft pe skin

Type skindex into the search bar.

minecraft pe skin

When you type this in the search bar, you see the different suggestion from search suggestion. Click on the first suggestion that is skindex in the image. After that, you will see results.

minecraft pe skin

The website that appears is minecraftskins.com. After that go to this website. This website homepage looks like this.

minecraft pe skin

At the homepage of this website top and trending, skins are shown. If you want a specific skin type name of skin in the search bar which appears on top of the website when you click on the search icon which locates on the left side.

minecraft pe skin

For example, I type dark in the search bar and hit on the search icon in the search bar. And the following results appear.

minecraft pe skin

Then choose the skin you like and click on that skin. When you click on skin any of them, you go to the next webpage to download the skin.

minecraft pe skin

At this page, you can see download icon and link at bottom of Skin preview. When you click on download skin download into your mobile memory.

After downloading skin, go to Minecraft game apk and open it.

minecraft pe skin

Here you can see different options with your player look. In below of your player, you can see a button with clothing hanger like icon. Click on that button and you will fellow to the next screen.

minecraft pe skin

Here you can rotate your player to look from front and back. Below your player, two buttons are placed. One for confirmation and other with an arrow sign. Click on the button with the arrow sign, and you will see this screen.

minecraft pe skin

Last Step

Here in default box at the left top corner, default skins (Steve and Alex) are shown and one empty skin you add a new skin. Click on that empty skin and in the preview box, a button of Choose New Skin appears. Click on this button and choose your downloaded skin from your gallery. After choosing your skin will appear in the preview box as shown in the image.

minecraft pe skin

Click on Confirm button and play the game and enjoy your skin.

What is a Minecraft PE Skin

Minecraft skins are not a specific format file. It is a PNG format file. And there is no difficulty in creating your own Minecraft skin. You can also edit any of skins easily with a skin editor or any other PNG editor.

I suggest you to first edit Minecraft skin and then make your 0wn skin. Different skin editors are available for editing skins free of cost.

So this is the way to change Minecraft skin in easy steps. So if you find this article useful, please share this on Facebook and Twitter. If you find any other help, please visit our site minecraftsport.com. Please leave a comment and if you find any mistake or suggestion on how we can improve our article.

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