Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk – Versions and Features

Minecraft pocket edition apk is a 3D popular game available for both PC and mobile devices. Minecraft Pocket Edition is for mobile devices which are running Android platform. In this pocket edition game, you can build your own world and survive from world’s harsh environment and other enemies. But first, you need to get some resources, things by which you build your world. And these all things you get by crafting mines or other things that already around you. In short, this game is all about building shelters, roofs and other equipment like weapons and body protection to protect yourself from zombies which are thirsty for blood and other enemies.

Minecraft pocket edition apk
Minecraft pocket edition apk screenshot.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Features

Explore World: In this game, explore the world around you and build whatever you want. In this game, there is a different mode option which can you select and play with them. For example, in the creative mode, you have unlimited resources and you can use them to build weapons or tools that you can use to mine the world deep as you want. You can play alone or with other friends either on mobile or on Window 10 computer.

Marketplace: This game has a very large marketplace and a big community. You can explore it and find new creations, get new maps, skins texture packs for your creators.

Slash Command: This game shipped with a unique feature, which is slash command. You can change your game weather or time, put things away and many more.

Modification: If you are more creative and have knowledge about data-driven behavior then you can change and modify data-driven behavior and create resource packs.

Multiplayer: This feature is most common, but this game is shipped with this feature. You can play with your friends up to 4 friends with free Xbox live account.

Realms: This feature is not free, but this is incredible. Developers create and maintain servers for players. You can play with up to 10 friends anywhere, anytime and cross-platform on realms. 30-day trial available in-app.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Game Play

When you start this game for the first time you have nothing in your inventory. In this game inventory is a store where your resources are available, by which you can build almost everything that you can imagine. Resources are like wood blocks, sandbox, material, etc. First, you need to craft mines and find these resources and collect them for later use.

Then with the passage of time as you become familiar and have enough resource to built like a roof or shelter for the night when different zombies and other enemies attack you and they are thirsty for your blood.

As mention above you can get different skins, maps and texture pack from the marketplace and play with them. And also you have different modes in the game by which you have access to different resources and play with them.

Minecraft game is a creative game. With this game, you go in your childhood where you build things with building blocks. Here you have an infinite place to build whatever you want.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Technical Information

Description Value
Eligible for Family Library Yes
Size Varies with device. Approximate 65 MBs
Current Version
Interactive Elements Users Interact
In-app Products $10 – $53 per item
Offered By Mojang
Installs 10,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 7+ Fear, Mild Violence



In first versions of this games, there are no such features, even in first version there is no multiplayer option. Later as the game grow up and become popular it fills up with an amazing feature. In its latest updates something new and updated.

In version 1.0.7 Update:

  • Fallout mash-up pack.

In version 1.0.5 Update:

  • Power Rangers Skin Pack.

Permission Required to Application

  • Internet
  • App customer permission
  • Permission network state
  • Permission to external storage to read and write
  • Vibrator Permission
  • Permission to read accounts from account list service
  • Contacts Permission
  • Read Phone State Permission

Minecraft Pocket Edition Installation Step by Step

First of all, go to the play store.

Search for “Minecraft pocket edition”.

You can see Minecraft at top of the list.

Click on it.

Click on install.

Accept all permission, terms, and conditions.

Enjoy after installation completion.

Useful links

Minecraft official site here.

Minecraft plays store link here.


Minecraft pocket edition is one of the popular and creative games If you start playing this game and you are a creative person than you become addicted to this game. Different other versions of this game are also available, and also this game is available for other operating systems. This game is available for iOS, Android, Windows Computer and also for windows mobile (but support for windows phone is no longer available).

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