Minecraft is a popular and creative game. In Minecraft, you can build a world of your dream and imagination. In Minecraft, you craft mines around and get different things like wood, rock etc. Then you build a home, weapons, and other things that provide you shelter at night and protect you from dangerous things. Yes at night different things, the enemy which are thirsty of your blood come out and attack you. So you need shelter and other things to survive from them. In Minecraft, you create or apply different skins which one like you. Like if you are a girl you can find Minecraft skins for girls. And if you are a boy you can find Minecraft skins for boys.

So in this guide, I will show where to find skins for you and how to apply them in game.

Minecraft Skins

In Minecraft player can play with a different role like your role may be as a soldier, as a zombie or as a regular user. But how? Just by changing Skins in Minecraft. When you download the game and start the game your player look like this. You can see your player in the game by pressing the F5 key, game view change and you can see your player. After press F5 again to change view or to go in the default view.

minecraft skins for girls and boys

This is default skin that is Alex. There is also another free skin that is Steve, you can also choose this skin as default. After changing skins in Minecraft game your player looks like this.

minecraft skins for girls and boys

Or according to skins that you choose. Your player becomes more attractive and the role of player change as discussed above. But where to find skins and how to change these Minecraft skins for girls or boys. I will show you guide to answer these question.

Where to Find Minecraft Skins for Girls and Boys.

The numbers of websites where Minecraft skins for girls and boys available is almost equal to skins itself. So numbers of websites offer skins resources to you for free. Some of them I mention here. Popular sites are like Skindex, MinecraftSkins, and many more. Here you can find Minecraft skins. Minecraft skins are very little size png file.

minecraft skins for girls and boys

Minecraft Skins Screenshot

Other popular and top rated sites for download Minecraft Skins are NameMC, SkinDex, Nova Skins, MCSkinSearch, and many others. All these sites have an extensive library of Minecraft Skins in a downloadable file. And these sites also have the preview and screenshot features also so you can see Minecraft skin before downloading it. If you like this, you download if not choose another one.

How to Change Skins in Minecraft

Changing skins in Minecraft is a very simple process.

First Step

First of all, go to any site mention above to download skins.


Go to minecraft.net and log in to your account. (account created when you purchase Minecraft Game).

Upload your Skin into your account.

After that

After that login to your game and enjoy new skin. If you already logged in then log out once and again log in. That’s it.

Create your Own Minecraft Skins

Creating Minecraft skins is as easy as changing skins in Minecraft. To create Minecraft skins what you have to do is only create a png file for your skin. To create skin you need an editor that is available for free. One of them is MCSkinner, and another option is Minecraft Skin Editor that is available for both Windows and Mac.

Customizing default skins is also very easy. You can open Minecraft skin in the editor and choose any color that you want to fill with, and paste this color on these skins. Save this file and your skins are ready to use.

As you see creating and customizing existing skins for Minecraft Skins is very simple and easy.

If you want to know more about Minecraft game and other resources check our articles here.

Minecraft Skins for Girls and Boys

Skins are not defined or designed for girls or boys especially, everyone can use and change skins in Minecraft. But likes and dislike change according to gender. So that’s why I mention here Minecraft Skins for girls or Minecraft Skins for boys. As girls like more colorful things and more interested them. So that’s why sites that give skin resources mention above provide you category of Minecraft skins for girls and Minecraft Skins for boys.


In the end, In Minecraft game, we can change Minecraft skins very easily and making fun with our player. Different sites provide resources for downloading Minecraft Skins. You can also create your own skin for Minecraft, also share this skin with others if you like. If you find this article helpful please share this and tell us in the comment about your opinion about this.